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chiefelmo GENERAL posted 3 hours ago

If you regularly use Steam and are interested in playing other PC games with other fellow members of the Judgment Realm community, feel free to join our new Steam group! Games come and go, and so expanding the focus of the community from solely Minecraft to PC gaming in general will be better for the community in the long run as far as preservation. Also, this will mean that there will be future members of the community that do not play primarily play Minecraft. Over the next couple of months, the website will change a bit to be best suited for a "gaming community" and not exclusively a "Minecraft community". Anyway, I'm going to keep this post brief. The link to the group is at the bottom of this post.

PS: Comment any games you play on PC in the comments below.

[Major] Rank Now Available

chiefelmo GENERAL posted Mon at 0:25

The newest rank is now available for purchase at our server shop! The Major rank is $40 if you have not previously donated, and if you have donated previously for a rank, it costs $40 - [$ amount in ranks you have bought].

The features include:

  • Inherits Captain perks
  • Ability to buy up to 8 creative plots (/plotme claim)
  • Ability to add effects to fireworks (/firework)
  • Ability to uncraft items with full durability (/refine)
  • Ability to disguise as a block (/bd [item ID] to disguise, /bd u to undisguise)
  • Holding a torch illuminates area around a player
  • Ability to ride mobs (/rtm)

If you encounter any problems when purchasing a rank, please contact a staff member. Have a great day!

Happy Independence Day!

chiefelmo GENERAL posted Jul 5, 14

Zeion_JuinorX CORPORAL I Zeion_JuinorX would like to participate in the activity Gandor cup!
Kikato_Uchiha PRIVATE Dgaf
ShadowCal Captain USA! USA! USA!
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